The Prayer Page has been in existence for over three years, and God has blessed us beyond anything I ever expected. 

Because of this growth, and the ministry being based on social media as well as using my personal equipment, it has seen better days. To continue to minister our equipment needs an upgrade.

 We have never solicited funds for the ministry, but are making an exception in this case. We are wanting to raise $300 to upgrade our equipment. The amount is not very high, and easily achievable. Any amount, big or small will help. To donate, please click the link below. Thank you so much and God Bless!
Click Here To Donate

Author: Pastor Ron

Pastor Ron is the Lead Pastor of The Prayer Page, a non-denominational ministry dedicated to prayer and spiritual encouragement of others. Pastor Ron is a 1994 graduated of Midwestern Baptist College in Lake Orion, Michigan. While in Jr and Sr High School he was elected Chaplain of his class. He was a Counselor at a Bible camp when he was 17 & 18. While in college he served as a Sunday School teacher as well as working with individuals with special needs. Before the Lord called him to start The Prayer Page in 2014, he has served as a Children's Ministry Director, Assistant Pastor, and Senior Pastor.

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