Tammy Whitehurst

“I am excited to have friends over to stare at their phones as we all sit in the living room and visit.” ( Said no one ever.)
The iPhone debuted in 2007. It forever changed the way we communicate with people. I am as guilty as anyone.
My iPhone is never far away. It awakens me in hotels, gets me to the internet quickly, serves as my gps, plays music, keeps my calendar, captures my life around me in pics and video, and it’s my ever-present click to Facebook. Is this really living life to the fullest?
Let’s talk serious a minute. When we begin spending more time staring at a screen instead of staring into the eyes of people we will suffer from shallow friendships, empty relationships, and eventually loneliness.
If our face-to-face relationships with parents, spouses, kids, friends and neighbors is suffering, it is most likely because we have neglected the priority of talking face to face.
Everything in me knows it is not wise to be more dependent on my phone than people. Let’s back it up and switch gears.  Be hopelessly devoted to each other and not the phone today.
Take someone to lunch today and leave your phone on silent in your purse. Yes it’s possible. How do I know? Because the impossible is always possible with God.
Join me. Let’s try this together.
Ephesians 5:15 “So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise.”


I am excited to announce the addition of a new contributer to The Prayer Page Team, Tammy Whitehurst.
Tammy Whitehurst is a Christian motivational speaker. She uses humor with her message of hope. Tammy’s mission is to encourage and inspire people to experience the JOY found in Nehemiah 8:10 ~ It may not be well with our circumstances but it can be well with our soul. She shares a “kick it up a notch” devotional designed to inspire people to live an intentional life that glorifies God.
Rarely do we hear funny and message with a meaning in the same sentence, much less used to describe the same person, but Tammy Whitehurst is anything but a typical speaker. She was a middle school teacher for 16 years before bringing her messages of hope, joy, and laughter to audiences on the stage. Her articles have been published in LifeWay’s HomeLife, Christianity Today, Seek Magazine, Evangel, Charm, Mature Years, Peace and several other publications. People describe her as a Hoot with a capital “H” and love the realness that she shares and her ability to connect with the heart of her audiences. When asked what her favorite scriptures is she will reply, “Nehemiah 8:10, because the joy of the Lord is my strength!” Whether it be a women’s event, holiday event, motivational training for your business, or motivating teachers to discover why they are a teacher, Tammy delivers pack with her punch with grins and giggles as a side dish!
If you would like more information, you can go to her website: http://www.tammywhitehurst.http://www.tammywhitehurst.com. You can her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/https://www.facebook.com/TammyWhitehurstSpeaker
Welcome to The Prayer Page Family, Tammy!

Author: Pastor Ron

Pastor Ron is the Lead Pastor of The Prayer Page, a non-denominational ministry dedicated to prayer and spiritual encouragement of others. Pastor Ron is a 1994 graduated of Midwestern Baptist College in Lake Orion, Michigan. While in Jr and Sr High School he was elected Chaplain of his class. He was a Counselor at a Bible camp when he was 17 & 18. While in college he served as a Sunday School teacher as well as working with individuals with special needs. Before the Lord called him to start The Prayer Page in 2014, he has served as a Children's Ministry Director, Assistant Pastor, and Senior Pastor.

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