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From the Desk of Pastor Ron.

I’m switching out our Weekly Bible Study and will either write or share an article.

This week I want to share a post I read a few days ago. I pray that it will encourage you.


“Gracefully Broken ❤️

I was at the store last night and there was a lady with two kids behind me in the LONG line. One was a big kid, one was a toddler. The bigger one had a pack of glow sticks and the toddler was screaming for them, so the Mom opened the pack and gave him one, which stopped his tears. He walked around with it smiling, but then the bigger boy took it and the toddler started screaming again. Just as the Mom was about to fuss at the older child, he bent the glow stick and handed it back to the toddler. As we walked outside, the toddler noticed that the stick was glowing and his brother said “I had to break it so you could get the full effect of it.

“l could hear God saying to me, “I had to break you to show you why I created you. You had to go through everything in your path, so you could fulfill your purpose.”

That little toddler was happy just swinging that “unbroken” glow stick around in the air because he didn’t understand it was created to “glow”.

There are some people who will be content just “being”, but some of us that God has chosen, have to be “broken”. We have to get sick. We have to lose a job, or go through a divorce, or bury our spouse, or parent, or best friend, or child, because, in those moments of extreme desperation, God is breaking us, but when the breaking is done, we are truly able to see, and understand, the reason for which we were created. To glow!

Copy & paste this if you have experienced being broken. Don’t forget to post your picture.❤️❤️❤️”

#perfectlyimperfect #youaremeanttoglow

Four Years…

Today I was hoping to have a video celebrating the fourth anniversary of The Prayer Page.

Sadly, I am still not up to speaking very long. I did a video yesterday and that finished me for the day.

I can say that last September, I started keeping a monthly record for The Prayer Page.

There are 7 different ministries under the umbrella of The Prayer Page.

Our Facebook page.

Help for Wounded Saints.

Reflections from Ron.




You Tube Channel.

As of 09/01/2017, combined we had 656 followers.

As of 07/01/2018 we have 1,362 followers.

LinkedIn had our biggest growth. We opened that account on 9/11/17 with zero, and we now have 332 followers.

The Prayer Page also does more than just pray. We were able to share the Gospel directly with 5 individuals and saw them accept God’s gift of salvation. We counseled over 30 different families who lost a loved one.

A first for us…this past May we assembled an ordination council and ordained a man who is now serving as a Chaplain in a state prison.

We had a post that was viewed by over 5,000 people. (The record took place last June. Over 21.4 thousand).

We also added staff! Rick joined us in January as our Music Minister and has added our daily worship. Tanya was added in May as my assistant.

This coming year we are scheduled to officiate one wedding, and possibly a second. Doors continue to open for us for additional growth.

One side note. On the advice of my doctor, I am suspending our weekly Bible study until further notice. However, I am working on having a “blog” every week sharing with you what God has shared with me.

So please join me in giving thanks for four years of ministry through His ministry, The Prayer Page.

Thank you for your support. God Bless!