Prayer Request

Prayer partners, I need your help in a big way.

This is my doctor’s office. It is headed by Dr. Roman Nation. My friend, Julia Niehl, is also my PA.

They moved into their current office in January of this year. They have labored throughout the year to improve the facility. They even took a weekend of their own time to paint.

As soon as Hurricane Michael left the area, they were working to reopen enough to at least see some patients. While there was some damage, they were at least able to see patients on a first come, first serve basis as well as call in refills for needed prescriptions. This office was not just a doctors office for hundreds of citizens…they were family.

Now, they have been told they not only must close immediately, but some bureaucratic loophole is preventing Dr. Nation from relocating.

To say I am angry doesn’t do it justice. Nation’s Best isn’t just a name…it describes them as they are. The finest medical team I have ever come across in my life. So I am not the only devastated. The patients are devastated, but even worse? 30 of the finest people I know who have sacrificed for our community, suddenly find themselves stabbed in the back.

Julia is the P.A. to both Candace and myself. She has been a huge blessing. She is the type of medical professional most people dream of. She is patient, and takes the time to answer questions without making you feel rushed. She has taken her own time to inquire about Ian.

So, I am begging you, as I have never begged before. Please take this to God and pray for intervention. That hearts will be touched, doors will open, and that God’s choice servants will be rewarded for the sacrifices they have made, and this wrong will be made right.

Thank you for your prayers.